CarFax Reports

  • Car Fax is a well-known American company and it is one of the oldest companies specialized in the field of cars, and one of the most important services it provides to its customers is the issuance of used car inspection reports, and this is done through its website on the Internet available at

  • The CARFAX report in is a report that contains various and detailed information on any used car sold inside and outside the United States

  • The CARFAX report at contains the following information: the vehicle’s address, the vehicle’s registration date, the dates and nature of the accidents the vehicle has been exposed to, the service record, the number of kilometers traveled, the times the vehicle was sunk, theft or fire

  • Many resort to requesting a used car report from the Car Fax site at for many reasons: The reliability of the site with regard to the information it provides, providing a lot of information that explains the car’s situation

  • You can find VIN by following these steps: 

    1. Behind windshield
    2. Driver door frame
    3. Vehicle license
    4. Insurance papers