• You can pay by cash in Libya through out our partner Al Ain Research & Marketing Consulting Company,

    Go to the nearest Libya Post office and ask to send money using postal local money transfer, and give name of company "as mentioned above"

    For more details contact our partner on the following numbers:
    Landline: 0217230613
    Mobile: 0910508488
    Location: Tripoli, In Front of Nasir University, Near Al Dodwan Mosque

    If you have any inquiries, please call 0910508488

    For Location of Libya Post Offices, Visit the following link:

  • You can pay through Visa and MasterCard cards by choosing the service you want to purchase and then choosing your preferred payment method (Visa or MasterCard).


    You will see several boxes to fill out with your card information, and the information you need to enter is:

    1. (card number) which is: your credit card number.

    2. ( Expiry Date): The expiration date of the card.

    3. (card holder): The name of the cardholder as recorded on it.

    4. (CVV): The verification code "The last three digits on the back of your credit card."