1. You can pay with Digital Zone App by downloading it through this link: Digital Zone App

    - Create your account.

    - Choose "OpenSooq" from Digital Cards list.

    - Fill the 3 fields.

    - Click on Pay Now.

    - Choose the favourite payment method: My Wallet, Qi Card, Zain Cash.

    - It will show the voucher number that you have to fill the wallet.


    2. To fill the credit in your OpenSooq Account:

    - Go to my account, then my wallet and click on Redeem.

    - Enter voucher code then click on Redeem to fill your balance.

    - Choose any of Opensooq services then choose wallet as payment method to use this credit.


    For inquiries: Whatsapp (009647704556546).



  • You can pay through Zain Cash, by choosing the service you want to buy, then choosing the payment method (Zain Cash)

    You will go to the page for payment by Zain Cash, then choose one of the two options:

    1. Pay with your wallet.

    Enter the phone number and the password.

    - Click on "Pay using Zain Cash".

    - A "temporary password" will be sent to you via SMS on your phone. Enter it as it is.

  • You can pay through Visa and MasterCard cards by choosing the service you want to purchase and then choosing your preferred payment method (Visa or MasterCard).


    You will see several boxes to fill out with your card information, and the information you need to enter is:

    1. (card number) which is: your credit card number.

    2. ( Expiry Date): The expiration date of the card.

    3. (card holder): The name of the cardholder as recorded on it.

    4. (CVV): The verification code "The last three digits on the back of your credit card."