Premium Membership

Get a higher limit of Active ads! Upgrade your account and get a higher limit of Active ads. Sell multiple products faster at the same time See More at:

  • You can add up to (20 ads in Silver Membership and 50 ads in Gold Membership) your ads will get more exposure to users. You can choose one of the following subscriptions: (30 days or 90 days or 365 days).


  • Your page will display as a regular user if you upgrade your account to a premium membership, but if you upgrade your account to a shop, you will have a special page for your account with all the details of your shop plus your page will be displayed as an online shop to show your products effectively and easy approach to the customers.

  • Premium membership is a service to increase the number of active ads if a member exceeded the limit for active ads that are allowed in the free account.

  • You can purchase the premium membership if you exceed the limit for effective advertising, so you have exhausted all ads allowed for the free account and to raise your maximum number of effective ads.


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  • There are two types of Premium Membership:

    1. Premium Silver Membership, allows you to increase the number of effective ads added to your account as much as possible.

     2. Premium Gold Membership, allows you to increase the number of more effective ads added, more than the premium Silver Membership.

     There are several periods available for each type of membership: (1 month, 3 months, 12 months).


    Note: Premium membership allows you to increase the number of effective ads that can be added to an account, meaning ads will not be” Premium post “ to one of these memberships.


    You can find out more about the packages of premium membership available at:


    1) From Home page, go to “My Account”


    2) Click on “Buy or “Upgrade Account”.


    3) Select the package & the period you need, and complete the payment process.



  • You can pay to subscribe to any of the premium memberships available on the website by choosing one of the payment methods available on the website:

    1. Online payment through (Visa, MasterCard).


  • There are several periods available to subscribe to the premium membership you wish so that the prices vary depending on the type of membership you want to subscribe to, as well as the period available for each membership.


    You can find out more about premium membership rates at: