• a higher value than Turbo or Featured, That sticks on top of all listings in each subcategory, comes with customizable duration, Very suitable for Small and Medium companies & awareness campaigns for companies launching new products or promotions, it generate a high caliber of calls, views, comments and chats to its owner

  • VIP Ad is booked only for one subcategory stays at the top of all other ads as Turbo, Featured or Free ads, As Turbo depends on Payment date, & changes it sorting if other members activate a new turbo ad, Plus a huge difference than turbo with Generating Leads

  • The price is calculated according to Duration per day, Category choose, Price is higher for (RE, Autos) Categories, So the more you book the more chance you get a discount for the pricing per day.

  • Its booked under one subcategory but not a category, and will be displayed only in listings and not search, So in case if you switch one filter on subcategory you might not see the VIP Ad at the top of listings