Have you reached the allowed limit of Active ads? Elas allows you to pay and take your ad live when your account reaches the allowed limit of active ads See More at: https://jo.opensooq.com/en/advertising-products

  • You can use online payment as Visa, Master, efawateercom, onecard, bank deposit or By visiting our office in Amman, Also You can request a salesman to come to your location.

  • There isn't limit for buying Elas.

  • You can buy Elas/Extra Ad in any section you want, If you don't have many ads to post, in exchange for memberships. Plus it will be active until the expiration date which is 90 days.

  • Elas is to purchase only one ad in a low and suitable price (1.43 JD), if you exceeded the limit of live ads. It will display as free ad with no feature.