Have you reached the allowed limit of Active ads? Elas allows you to pay and take your ad live when your account reaches the allowed limit of active ads See More at: https://jo.opensooq.com/en/advertising-products

  • Elas is to purchase only one ad at a low and suitable price (1.43 JD), if you exceeded the limit of live ads. It will display as a free ad with no feature.

  • You can buy Elas/Extra Ad in any section you want, If you don't have many ads to post, instead of a premium membership. Plus it will be active until the expiration date which is 90 days.

  • There isn't limit for buying Elas.

  • 1) From Home page, go to “My Account” and then choose “My Ads”

    2) Go to Inactive Ads tab and choose the Ad you want to publish and click on “Activate”.

    3) Click on “Buy Now” and complete the payment process.



  • You can add a certain number of free ads in each of the following sections: (Cars for Sale, Cars for Rent, Real Estate for Sale, Real Estate for Rent, Job Vacancies, Job Seekers, Services).


    The purpose of this modification is to improve the quality of ads, ensure that all ads that are added by advertisers appear throughout the day, and thus generate more communications, comments, and chats from users.


    If you want to add more ads, you can purchase additional ads or premium membership.