Do you want a high discount rate? Bundles provide you an option to buy Feature ad and Reposts in bulk at great discounted rates See More at: https://jo.opensooq.com/en/advertising-products

  • Bundles are packages of multiple Turbo Ads, Featured Ads or Reposts. They are sold at a discount when compared to buying each individually. They can be bought 1 time at a discount and used whenever the need arises.
    They help user facilitate Payments also. Pay one time instead of many.

  • Bundles are sold at a discounted price when compared to individual packages.

    For example, you can have a bundle of 5 Turbo ads bought at 1 time via 1 payment action at a discount of 25%. Using bundles is very easy when compared to paying for each service individually.

  • Bundles are bought per subcategory as each has a price. Depending on which subcategory was chosen users can use the individual packages.

    Of course, users can buy multiple bundles for various categories / subcategories.

  • Yes, it has an expiration date, you can utilize individual packages in a bundle within one year from the purchase date.

  • 1) From Home page, go to “Discount”.

    2) Select the Category & the Subcategory of the ads you want to buy a Bundle for.

    3) Select the bundle you need and complete the payment process.