• Bundles are packages of multiple Turbo Ads, Featured Ads or Reposts.
    When compared to buying each individually. They can be bought 1 time and used whenever the need arises.
    They help user facilitate Payments also. Pay one time instead of many.

  • You can take advantage of bump-up bundles on the site by taking advantage of the discount for more than one ad reposted in each section where you can choose the right package, for a lower price. 


    You can find out more about packages at the following link:


  • Bundles are sold at a discounted price when compared to individual packages.

    For example, you can have a bundle of 5 Turbo ads bought at 1 time via 1 payment action.
    Using bundles is very easy when compared to paying for each service individually.

  • Bundles are bought per subcategory as each has a price. Depending on which subcategory was chosen users can use the individual packages.

    Of course, users can buy multiple bundles for various categories / subcategories.

  • Yes, it has an expiration date, you can utilize individual packages in a bundle within one year from the purchase date.

  • To buy the Bundles services first enter the app, click on "Account" after click on "Buy Bundles" then choose Category, Sub category, Service and choose the days and quantity,  Then click on "buy now" and choose the desirable payment method and complete the payment 

    For more info you can watch the video in the link