Premium Ads

Do you want to sell faster? Get your ad in the featured section and on top of search results in order to get up to 15x more views

  • Premium ad is a feature to remain in the top of the page according to the purchase date and alternate with the rest of the premium ads, it also doubles the number of views and it has a golden mark at the top of the ad.

  • 1) From Home page, go to “My Account” and then choose “My Ads”

    2) Choose the Ad you want to Feature, then click on “Boost”.

    3) From Featured Ad package, select the period you need then click “Buy”.

    You can also select Featured Ad package and the period needed from Post View page.


  • It's a paid service provided by Opensooq to the user to make his ads featured, and make it at the top of the pages/sections in a way to gain more views than free ads, because it's more eye catching in addition to attract more buyers and sell the product faster.

    * Please note that the number of views on Premium ads depends on the quality of the ad and the information added to it. The number of views may be up to 15X the views on a regular ad, but their first and last dependence on ad quality.

  • Bundles are packages of multiple Turbo Ads, Featured Ads or Reposts. They are sold at a discount when compared to buying each individually. They can be bought 1 time at a lower price, it helps user facilitate payments also. Pay 1 time instead of many.

  • The suitable featuring duration depends on the item/service you are providing or willing to sell.

    If you are a new subscriber we advise you to choose the shortest duration to try the service first and check buyers interactivity.

  • Premium ads can be easily identified, as they appear in a special view with "featured ad" tag.

  • Unfortunately, you can't and if you delete your premium ad the service will be stopped.

  • The cost varies according to the sections on the site from: "Vehicles, Real Estate, Electronics, Furniture ... etc" 

  • It will double the number of views, get more calls, comments and chat to attract more buyers than free ads and sell the product faster as it will show at the top of the section.

    * Please note that the number of views on Premium ads depends on the quality of the ad and the information added to it. The number of views may be up to 15X the views on a regular ad, but their first and last dependence on ad quality.

  • When you apply the premium services available on the site, the service will be activated according to the method of payment, so that the service will be activated directly in case if you use electronic payment through (Visa, MasterCard, OneCard, SMS, iTunes and Google Store).

    However, if you pay cash by depositing the amount at one of the branches of the banks available for payment, the service will be activated between in 24 hours. After providing us with a copy of the deposit receipt and the advertiser's account information.

  • Featuring ad begins automatically after payment, and ends at the same time after the selected premium period.

    For example, if the ad is featured for one day at 01:14 pm, the ad will be marked at 01:14 pm the next day. 

  • Ads remain visible on the site for 90 days. For a premium ad, the duration of the ad is based on the package that the advertiser purchased from the following options:

    two days
    7 days
    14 days
    30 days
    After the period chosen to premium the ad, it returns to its section as a free ad.

    * The mentioned periods may change.

  • The value of a premium ad cannot be redeemed after the payment is completed, unless the ad is deleted by the management of opensooq because it violates the site's policy and terms of use or classification error depending on the existing sections.

  • No, if the ad is premium, the featuring service cannot be moved to another ad.

  • Yes, it is possible to modify the premium ad 3 edits only. 

  • * You can edit your ad information and add or remove some details by:

    1. Click "My Account" and then "My Ads".

    2. You'll see several options below your ad, including the "Edit" option.

    3. Click the "Edit" option and make the edit you want.

    4. To save your edits, click on "Save and Publish Ad" below the details of the ad.


    * You can delete your free or premium ad by: 

    First: Access my account and through the menu at the top right of the page select "My Ads".

    Second: you can select your ad by clicking on the active ads, then you can delete any of your ads on OpenSooq by clicking on "Remove Ad" button.


    If you want to permanently delete your ad from your site page, you can choose "Inactive" ads and then click "Delete" below the ad.

  • You can not re-activate the premium or free ad if it is deleted by the administration for violating the terms of use of the site, All you have to do is contact us to review the ad in case its violating the terms of use.

  • Yes, a user can premium any ad as long as it does not violate the terms of use.

  • Yes, any user can post other free ads, and can premium any or all of them at the same time.

  • Yes, it is possible to renew the duration of the premium ad at any time until the expiry date of the ad.

  • Yes, this is a recommended way to attract more views. When you premium and re-post an ad, it will appear at the top of the Featured and regular ads page.