Wallet & Credit

Do you want to store credit to buy various offerings & collect rewards? OpenSooq Wallet is a tool that helps you top up once and redeem when needed See More at: https://jo.opensooq.com/en/advertising-products

  • OpenSooq Wallet is a tool that helps you collect rewards, store credits and buy various offerings; just top up once and redeem multiple times as and when required, it's easy, secure and fast.

  • You can benefit from the paid services provided through the opensooq website as follows:


    1. (premium post :Paid service provided by the opensooq to the user to highlight his ad and is displayed at the top of the existing pages and sections, and this helps to attract higher views than in normal ads because the ad is remarkable, and thus reaching as many potential buyers and selling the product Or service faster).

    You can learn more about special ads at:



    2. Re-publishing”re-post”(The republishing feature allows you to republish an existing ad immediately and appear at the top of the regular ads page, or you can opt for 14 days to re-publish your ad as free.) This method gives you longer ad impressions and watch Better and allows you to reach as many potential buyers with greater opportunity to sell your product or service).

    You can learn more about the republish service at : 



    3. Premium membership and shop (a service in case you exceed the limit of effective advertising, you have exhausted all ads allowed to the free account.

    To add more ads and activate them to your account, you can either delete an active ad and replace it, or you can subscribe to the premium membership to raise your maximum number of effective ads.)

     - Premium Silver Membership, allowing you to increase the number of effective ads added to your account as much as possible.

     - Gold Premium Membership, allows you to increase the number of more effective ads added than the Silver Premium membership.

    You can find out more about our Premium Membership and Store at:



    4. bundles are a service to purchase more than one ad or a repackage in each section where you can choose the right package, pay once and use it at any time, at a lower price. 

    You can find out more about packages at:



    5. Wallet: The opensooq wallet allows the users of the site to purchase a balance that they can use in the payment process for various services offered by the opensooq such as premium post, repost, gold and silver membership and many more.)

    You can learn more about the Wallet at:


  • OpenSooq Wallet is a tool that helps you collect rewards, store credits and buy various offerings; just top up once and redeem multiple times as and when required, it's easy, secure and fast.

  • When you apply for a certain service from the paid services available on the site, the service will be activated according to the method of payment, so that the service will be activated directly in case if you use electronic payment through (Visa, MasterCard, OneCard, SMS, iTunes and Google Store).

  • You can use the "Credit/Wallet" to purchase the services on the site such as: featured ads, bump up, turbo, bundles, memberships, and shops.

  • You can send an application via E-mail at info@opensooq.com and the receipt will be sent as soon as possible to your E-mail. 

  • 1) From Home page, go to “My Account” and then choose “My Wallet”

    2) Click on “Buy Credit”.

    3) Select the package you need and complete the payment process.



  • You can see your wallet by clicking on "My Account" button and then "My Wallet" option and you will be presented with a page of all information from the current balance and purchase of credit.

  • Yes, it has an expiration date, you can use the balance during one year from the purchase date.

  • No, you can only choose one of the available packages we have, also you can buy more than one package to fill your wallet.

  • No, because the credit you bought cannot be transferred to money and returned. 

  • You can see your wallet in 'Account' section of your personal profile, and check your remaining credit in your Wallet on the right side when you access 'My Wallet' page.

  • No, because the credit purchased by a particular user can only be used by him.

  • The Wallet payment option appears only when the user has sufficient credit to purchase the required service. Otherwise, the user can choose any other payment method available, or purchase credit to use it at any time.

  • The credit of the wallet in any country is calculated on the basis of purchasing power, but at opensooq, it offers the same value to the user.

    Please read the following example to explain how the credit works in different countries.

    For example, since you have bought 100 credits in State A and want to use them in Country B, but the value of the credit in the first country is doubled compared to the second country, you will find that your credit in State B equals 200 credits in your wallet when you move To State A. Since you have used 20 of your credit in State B, your account credit in State B will be 180, but when you move to State A your account credit will be 90.