Turbo Ads

Do you want to feature your ad with daily bump up? Get a Turbo ad to appear on top of search results with daily bump up & an Urgent badge to sell faster See More at: https://jo.opensooq.com/en/advertising-products

  • To make your ad featured with "urgent label" and make it at the top of the pages/sections in a way to gain more views than free and premium ads , because it's more eye catching in addition to attract more buyers and sell the product faster.

    * Please note that the number of views on Turbo ads depends on the quality of the ad and the information added to it. The number of views may be up to 25X the views on a regular ad, but their first and last dependence on ad quality.

  • Turbo ad has extra value over the featured one. It comes with a daily bump up embedded along with an urgent badge and yellow high-lighted background for more visibility.

  • Turbo ad is a type of Featured ad provided by OpenSooq that bumps up the post to the top of the listing page on a daily basis for the period of the purchase. 

  • To buy the Turbo services first enter the app, click on “My Ads” after click on “feature my ad” and click on the desired packages, then click on “buy now” and choose the desirable payment method and complete the payment

    For more info you can watch the video in the link

  • Turbo ad will bump up once every day at the same time the user purchases the service.