Start with OpenSooq

  • 1. Any ad on the site is prohibited if it contains one of the following elements:

    - Adoption of children and infants
    - Offensive material or pornographic images
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Weapons and Tools
    - Animals are fierce or special in the field of racing or those endangered
    - Blood, or fluids and body parts
    - Electronic surveillance and spy equipment
    - Counterfeit Products
    - Credit cards, retirement and insurance
    - Databases
    - Fireworks and explosives
    - Gambling Games
    - Government IDs and licenses
    - Hazardous and prohibited substances
    - Secondary certificates or university degrees and so on.
    - Illegal hospital equipment and aesthetic equipment in general
    - Illegal anesthetics
    - Illegal electrical equipment such as metal detectors and radars
    - Historical, artistic and cultural items prohibited from trading and owning them.
    - Lottery tickets
    - Luxury brands
    - Pharmaceutical products (whether prescribed or not)
    - Photos of artists
    - play cards
    - Equipment for the police, army, navy, air force and so on
    - Political declarations
    - Illegal products such as: pepper spray, electric stunts, gas or hydrocarbons
    - Products and sex toys
    - Software for opening phones and video games
    - Steroids
    - Shares, bonds and other securities
    - Tobacco and shisha products
    - Used cosmetics
    - Used underwear
    - Wildlife Products
    - Wholesale / large groups of branded products such as (electronic equipment and mobile phones.


    2. Any ad offering any of the following services is prohibited:

    - Group of SMS, Emails and Advertising Services

    - Collect CVs, advertise fake or unknown jobs

    - Personal guard

    - Financial Assistance Projects

    - Magic and sorcery

    - Massage and massage services

    - Marriage and dating

    - Money transfer

    - Hierarchical marketing services

    - Services for non-Muslim events

    - Online Gambling Games "Points, Coins and Coins"

    - Roqia Sharia and cupping

    - Piracy programs and movies


    3. The following practices are prohibited when publishing on the open market:

    - Create more than one account

    - Duplicate ad serving

    - Post ads with misleading titles, content, and images

    - Post ads with wrong or inappropriate images

    - Post ads in the wrong categories

    - Post ads with unreasonable prices

    - Post ads with redirect links to other sites

    - Upload photos containing names and phone numbers

    - Post ads that have the option of prepayment or transfer to banks

    - Post ads with public content or advertising content

    - Post ads with multiple items

    - Posting items can be worn without uploading photos to them

    - Spread fraud and fake ads


    4. Users who violate the Content Policy and Opensooq Publishing Policy in terms of advertising prohibited material, services, etc. will be subject to the following:

    - Blacklist them or terminate their membership

    - Transfer to legal authorities and competent authorities.


    Advertising policies on opensooq aim to provide a pleasant and fair experience for both buyers and sellers, employers and job seekers. We are working to increase trust among our users, reduce potential layoffs and support government laws, as well as support the values of opensooq community.

  • Yes, Opensooq site supports multiple operating systems, including:

    - Android, the application can be downloaded through the following link:

    - IPhone, can download the application through the following link: 

    - Windows Phone, can download the application through the following link: 

    - There is also a version to browse opensooq through the Internet browser on mobile devices, easily and quickly.

  • There are several symbols in opensooq in different pages, each of has a certain meaning, and some examples of them:

    - "Green circle" on users images, meaning that the user is connected to the site at the moment.

    - "Gray circle" on users images, meaning that the user is not connected to the site currently.

    - "Premium ad" on the ads, and means that the ad is featured and the number of views on it increased.

    - "Heart symbol" next to the ads, a button to add the ad to the list of favorite ads in your account, to make it easier for you to return to the ad later.

    - "Shop" on the ad, means that the ad is for a shop and you can click on the name of the shop and browse its ads.

    - "Pending" for your ad in your ad list, which means that the ad is under review by the administration and will be activated soon.

    - "Deleted" on your ad in your ad list, which means that the ad has been deleted by the administration because it violates the terms of use of the site.

    - "Active" on your ad in your ad list, which means the ad is published and can be viewed by anyone.

  • Adding comments on ads is easy and very simple, follow these steps:

    1. After opening the ad to comment on, you will find a comment field under ad details.

    2. Click the "Add Comment" button to add your comment to the ad successfully.

  • Posting ads are done in easy and safe steps, follow the steps below to find out how to post the ad:

    1. After signing in to your account, click the button "Add your ad for free".

    2. You will see a section page, select the appropriate section and sub-section of the item you wish to sell.

    3. Fill ad information and select details for the ad, and upload up to 30 images of your ad.

    4. Click the "Save and Publish Ad" button to successfully post your ad.