Reposting Ads

  • Bump up is a paid service to repost your ad once every day to appear at the top of active ads after featured ads.

    It extends the ad duration to gain double the amount of views, calls, and leads, and it returns your ad to the top of list right after premium ads which give more chance to sell products faster.

  • There is no limit to bump up your ad, as you can buy more than one package to bump up your ad more than one time a day, it all depends on your need to sell faster.

  • When the payment is successfully completed, the republished ad will appear on the site within a few minutes at the top of the list.

    Please note that payment by bank transfer or SMS via mobile takes longer than it is to pay electronically by credit or debit card.

  • Republished ads can be easily identified, as they appear at the top of the list page after premium and turbo ads as new ads.

  • 1) From Home page, go to “My Account” and then choose “My Ads”


    2) Choose the Ad you want to Repost, then click on “Boost”.

    3) From Repost package, select the period you need then click “Buy”.

    You can also select Repost package and the period needed from Post View page.



  • If you would like to buy any of the paid services on the site, you can pay through the following available payment methods:

    1. Electronic payment (through the options "Visa, Mastercard, OneCard") and is automatically active.

    2. Cash payment by depositing the amount in any of the branches of the specified banks (in the following countries only: Jordan, Libya).


    3. You can also pay by SMS (Phone Balance) if you are in the following countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, UAE.

  • The value cannot be redeemed after the payment is completed.

  • Yes, any user can post other free ads, and can premium any or all of them at the same time.

  • Yes, you can republish any of your existing ads unless it violates the terms of use.