• By subscribing to opensooq, the user will be able to add his ads to be viewed by millions of people and thus a greater opportunity to meet his requirements and meet his needs from: (Selling, renting, jobs, services, etc.).

  • OpenSooq is a website specialized in classified ads that allow the user to add ads or browse the existing ads to facilitate and accelerate the business processes of selling and buying and renting of many new and used things, as well as services. And to connect between the buyer and seller from the same country or the city directly and faster.

  • Opensooq is a safe and easy to use website for selling and buying real estates, vehicles, electronics, furniture, telephones, clothing and many other supplies, in addition to services.

  • Online advertising is a way to promote a product using various Internet features. With the easy access to the Internet, people have become more interested in buying things online, which is becoming easier and faster, which in turn gives a new dimension and a unique charm to the product.

    There are no time constraints and you can browse ads during the day and night from all over the world.

    Increase profits and the opportunity to market and sell any product due to the huge amount of Internet users around the world.

    The most important benefit of advertising on the Internet is having a site like OpenSooq :)

  • No, opensooq maintains the privacy of users. No one can be provided with any information about the information of the users in opensooq without the approval of the customer.

  • Yes, opensooq is a free site with the possibility of paid services subscription that provides the user with many advantages for a small fee.

  • We have a content moderation team that monitors ads and approves them on the site after filtering them to ensure safe content, market requirements, advertiser credibility, and direct communication.

  • OpenSooq is a website serving the Middle East and Maghreb region. This site allows you to add free ads or browse ads. The idea of opensooq is to provide an electronic market through which the seller can contact the buyer for the people of the same country or even the people of the same city.


    Imagine if you have something you no longer need and want to sell (for example a car or a mobile phone or a home furniture you do not need), and what if someone else in the same city you live in needs that thing you want to sell. Here is the function of opensooq in providing a place to meet those who need someone who can meet that need. Whether you are a salesman or a buyer, you provide services or are looking for someone who offers you services, you are looking for a job or you have vacancies you want to fill, whether you are a company or just a normal person. It is here to meet your needs.


    The site serves a large number of countries in the Middle East and the Maghreb, including its cities, including:

    Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan and Mauritania, making the ad an opportunity to reach the widest possible audience. Purchase products and benefit from services

  • OpenSooq seeks to create a safe and reliable market for buyers and sellers, so it sometimes requires to deter fraudulent behavior and avoid scams, User identity verification after publishing its first ad on the site, by contacting users.

  • As we explained before, opensoq mechanism relies on advertising, but it provides features and services to its users to enhance the opportunity to gain profit through different services like: premium and turbo ads, premium memberships, shops, which in turn facilitates the sales of goods/services, giving companies a greater presence online. These services are paid and optional.

  • No, because this violates the terms of use, and marketing depends on showing the same product or service that the company delivers through ads. Instead, opensooq allows sellers to create a "shop". To market their products and services under a page of their companies; to increase sales opportunities more and faster, and thus profit more with less effort.

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  • The seller must delete the ad after the sale of the goods to avoid receiving calls and notifications about them.

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