• To register by phone number, all you have to do is follow these steps:

    - First: Enter a phone number in the selected field /Name

    - Second: We will send a message to the number with the "activation link" to confirm the registration process via WhatsApp/SMS

    -Third : Press on link to activate your account 

  • The added ad will be published after about 10 minutes.

  • Posting ads on opensooq is free. And you can subscribe to additional paid services such as premium ads to increase the number of views and sell faster.

  • Ads remain visible in their sections for 90 days and automatically deleted from the site.

  • You can reach us through our WhatsApp or through our Contact us forms available in apps and website


  • 1. Send an e-mail to with a simple explanation about the problem and will communicate with the user and take the necessary actions to solve the problem.

    2. Click on the "Send Us Your Feedback" button at the bottom left of the screen, then choose the type of note with a simple explanation of the problem as well as the user's email address to communicate with, and then click the "Send" button.

    3. Choose the type of note with a simple explanation of the problem as well as the user's email address to communicate with him, and then click the "Send" button.


    Our customer care team will receive user's request immediately and communicate with him as soon as possible.

  • Yes, any user can see the number of views for their ads and for each ad individually. 

  • Yes, any user who has an opensooq account can add the ads of others that are important to him to his favorite list with the "Add to Favorites" button, with the possibility to edit the list always. 

  • Through any post in opensooq you can find the "Heart" mark next to each ad, click on it and you will add ad to your favorite list, Go to My Account and click on My favorite Ads and you can see all of your favorite ads and you can edit the list. 

  • Yes, this requires the user to do the following:

    Logging to your personal account and Click "Account", then "My Ads".
    You'll see several options below your ad, including Edit and delete options, you can choose what you want by clicking on it to complete the process successfully.

  • 1) From Home page, go to “My Account” and then choose “My Ads”


    2) Choose the Ad you want to Repost, then click on “Boost”.

    3) From Repost package, select the period you need then click “Buy”.

    You can also select Repost package and the period needed from Post View page.



  • Pending ads are ads that are reviewed by the content control team, to ensure that they do not violate the site's terms of use and that the ad is approved within a short period of time. And will be published on the site successfully when activated.

  • Yes, the user can report any abuse in their own ad or other user's ads; they can report an ad or comment in others' ads, and for inappropriate comments on their ads they can delete them because there is an option available to delete comments.

  • First: Go to the bottom of the page where you found the inappropriate ad and enter the required information by clicking the "Report this Ad" button.

    Second: Select the reason for the abuse and click the "Submit" button.


    Our Customer Care Center will receive your message and action will be taken.

  • There is no feature to block any user, but you can communicate with customer care team via contact us forms box at the bottom of the screen and mention the problem you are facing with that user.

    Note: You can only block users through chat, to users that you want to stop them from sending you private messages.

  • You can contact users on the site by using one of the available services: Comments, Chat, You can also contact directly with the owner of the ad using call option.

  • Yes, through the notification list on each user's account, which allows them to see all comments on their ads.

  • Yes, you can do so by clicking on the post link below the ad on the user's page to share the ad on Facebook or any other social networking site like Google Plus, Twitter, Email and WattsApp on smartphones.

  • First: logging in to your account on opensooq and then publish your ad.

    Second: click on the following link: and then click the button "Like".

    Third: Send us a message containing the link of your ad on opensooq that you want to publish by pressing the "Message".

  • 1. Click the upload image icon at the bottom of the ad.

    2. Choose the image to upload.

    3. Repeat the same steps above to add more images.


    Note: The user can delete the image(s) by clicking on the "Delete" link below.

  • The user can add 30 images to every ad. 

  • The user can upload images of: GIF, JPG, PNG 

  • There is no specific size for any images added to posts or accounts.

  • No, shipping goods are not allowed unless the payment is hand in hand, so as to protect users from fraud.

  • OpenSooq is a website listing everyday items and belongings for sale or rent. We are not an online store but a platform for others to advertise.

    If you have found something that you would like have or benefit from, you can directly contact the advertiser.

  • If the advertiser has not received any comments, chats, calls to their ads, we recommend that to take a look at the "Tips" list, which tells the seller and buyer how to properly handle the ad to reach other users by adding clear images, accurate details, direct contact numbers, and more.

  • You can check your emails in Spam or Junk instead Inbox. Responses to your ads on opensooq can turn into Spam or Junk.

    And you can also get more views and comments by adding images For your item or add your phone number so that others can communicate with you through it.

  • Customer can add only the allowed number for the account, Category or sub category, to check it, you can go to "Account" then click on "Account Details" to see all of the ads allowed.