How to Pay For Featured Ad in OpenSooq?

  • You can take advantage of bump-up bundles on the site by taking advantage of the discount for more than one ad reposted in each section where you can choose the right package, pay once and use it at any time. The discount rate ranges from 15% for the lowest package and up to 25 for larger packages.


    You can find out more about packages at the following link:

  • Bundles are sold at a discounted price when compared to individual packages. For example, you can have a bundle of 5 Turbo ads bought at 1 time via 1 payment action at a discount of 25%. Using bundles is very easy when compared to paying for each service individually.


    You can find out more about bundles at the following link:

  • If you want to add more ads to the sections specified with a specific number of ads (services, vacancies, job seekers, cars, and vehicles), you can purchase an additional ad by:

    1- Click "activate" at the bottom of the ad from the "Inactive ads" menu on "My ads" page.

    2- You'll see a "Pay to activate your ad".

    3- Choose the appropriate payment method for you.

  • You can repost your ad with the following steps:

    Once you have logged in to your account, click on the "My Ads" button, you will see a list of ads that you have previously added to the site.

    Open the ad to be republished, and you'll find a button on the ad that says "Statistics". Click on the "Statistics" button and then the top of the screen will display "Blue button re-posting" in order to post the ads again.


    Note: Re-posting is permitted every 14 days free of charge. If you wish to republish the ads in less than 14 days, you can purchase any package of repost packages on opensooq and then choose the payment methods available on the site.