What are Featured Ad Features?

  • Premium ad is a paid service provided by Opensooq to the user to make his ads featured and make it at the top of the pages/sections in a way to gain more views than free ads, because it's more eye-catching in addition to attract more buyers and sell the product faster.


    You can learn more about premium ads at:


  • Bump up is a paid service to repost your ad once every day to appear at the top of active ads after featured ads. It extends the ad duration to gain double the amount of views, calls and leads, and it returns your ad to the top of the list right after premium ads which give more chance to sell products faster. Also, you still can benefit from free re-post Every 14 Days from posting date.


    You can learn more about the Bump up service at the following link:


  • Bundles are packages of multiple Turbo Ads, Featured Ads or Reposts. They are sold at a discount when compared to buying each individually. They can be bought 1 time at a discount and used whenever the need arises.

    They help user facilitate Payments also. Pay 1 time instead of many.


    Bundles are sold at a discounted price when compared to individual packages. For example, you can have a bundle of 5 Turbo ads bought at 1 time via 1 payment action at a discount of 25%. Using bundles is very easy when compared to paying for each service individually.

  • There is more than one package to re-post and the packages differ from one section to another, and the packages and prices vary by category.

    1- Repost for two days

    2- Repost for 7 times for a week

    3- Repost 14 times for two weeks

    4- Repost 30 times for a month

  • You can add a certain number of free ads in each of the following sections: (Cars for Sale, Cars for Rent, Real Estate for Sale, Real Estate for Rent, Job Vacancies, Job Seekers, Services).


    The purpose of this modification is to improve the quality of ads, ensure that all ads that are added by advertisers appear throughout the day, and thus generate more communications, comments, and chats from users.


    If you want to add more ads, you can purchase additional ads or premium membership.