Safety & Secuirty Tips Dealings?

  • You can buy and sell through opensooq by finding the item you want to buy first, then contact the advertiser through the available communication methods and inquire about what you want, and agree on the sale and delivery.


    To be safe without fraud, please verify that there is a real product, inspect it, do not send any cash to anyone without confirming the advertiser and the commodity, preferably communicate with the advertiser and interview on the real environment, and avoid the prepayment and shipping done.

  • You can follow the following tips and steps when buying and selling on the open market site:

    1. Choose the seller wisely.

    2. Do not make any money before getting the service provided by the seller.

    3. Order actual product images.

    4. Know the product status. (Ask them all major and minor inquiries about the ad (such as product status, sales reason, and product details).

    5. Make sure the price of the product so that it is reasonable limits (if you have no idea how to price the product you can do a quick search to get an idea of the price).

    6. Use secure payment methods.

  • Remember the following information before meeting a seller or buyer:

     - Preview the product before buying and make sure it is safe and not defective.

    - Don't send any money before you receive the service provided by the seller.

    - Confirming the place of the meeting to deliver or receive the product.

    - Fully inquire about the product from the seller before buying.


    Note: The opensooq not responsible for the sales and purchase transactions between advertisers, as we are simply an intermediary between the seller and the buyer to display free classified ads.

  • You should suspect any unsafe sales attempts or fraudulent persons if:

    - The ads in the displayed item included pictures from the Internet (not genuine).

    - If the price is very low (compared to local market prices).

    - When you ask for additional photos about the product they are not available to the seller.

    - When you inquire about details about any item of the ad, it gives a lot of inconsistent answers.

    - When asked to meet them to preview the product or hand over, they provide too many excuses.

    - Insisting on converting your money ... fast!

  • Please contact us immediately if you suspect the credibility of a user's ad on opensooq.

    In addition, we encourage you to go to the police if a trap occurred or fraud, We are ready to provide the police with any information that serves the investigation, at their official request. Quickly fill out an application to be able to stop the person's account after conducting the necessary investigations.