Account Concerns

  • You cannot create more than one account on the site, allowing each member to use only one membership, whether free or paid and no more than one membership (even if membership is premium).


    If more than one account is created, it may close all accounts found as duplicate members.


    You can review the terms and conditions of use through the following link:

  • Some of the registered memberships in the site are disabled if they violate one of the terms of use of the site, so that OpenSooq may deactivate membership without prior notice.


    You can review the terms and conditions of use through the following link:


    OpenSooq also has the right to reject requests to reactivate the account if necessary, especially if other accounts are found or multiple violations occur.

  • Please note your phone number is already registered in an account and you can't use the same phone number in a new account. you can only register with a new phone number or use the old account.

  • There are different factors that may cause this. Here are some things to consider and do to address the situation


    In the beginning, select the type of error message that appears when you try to log on.


    What can you do?

    1-Check back for information (telephone/email number) and the password you are using.

    2-Close and restart your browser, then try signing in again.

    3-Check your connection and make sure you're connected to the Internet.

    4-Try using a different browser (we recommend Firefox or Chrome).

    5-Update your browser if you have done so yet.

    6- Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

  • If you forget the password for your account registered on the site, you can restore the password by following simple steps:


    Please know that the process of password reset is by clicking on the "Forgot your Password" button when trying to log in, and the site will take you to a page asking you to either enter the email or phone number.

    If the email is entered, the site will send email to activate the email and ask you to click on "Edit password" or copy the sent link and paste it into a new page, and when you do one of the steps, will move to a page that asks you to enter a new Password.


    But if you want to reset the password by phone number, you may enter your personal number and wait for a message from the site activation number, enter the received number in its field and will take you to a new page to enter your new password.

  • Opensooq does not have the ability to control search results or access databases in search engines available like Google.


    If there are search results that contain your information and do not want to make them available on search engines, you can first remove your ads by deleting them, then connect with a search engine like Google and request them to be removed from their search results.