Tips for Buyers and Sellers

  • Selling and buying tips on the opensooq site:

    1. Choose the seller wisely.

    2. Do not make any money before getting the service provided by the seller.

    3. Order actual product images.

    4. Know the product status.

    5. Use secure payment methods


    Note: "As tips for safe handling of our users on the site, please do not send personal data or send money so as not to be fraudulent and not to be subject to fraud." Be wary of dealing indirectly or with anyone outside your country.


    If you want to complete the transaction, you will be at your own risk.

  • The title of the ad must be brief and clear reflecting the item you offered on the site, and the following points should be considered in the ad text:

    1. Must be limited to one item only.

    2. Use words that describe your product or service.

    3. Use words that viewers are more likely to use when searching for your ad.

    4. Avoid using long addresses and those that contain large text.

    5. Use the best keywords related to what you sell.

    6. Do not include external links or Facebook links in ad details.

    7. Do not include the phone number in the ad title.

  • You can learn more about advertising by contacting the advertiser directly, where there's more than one way to connect:

    - You can use the Add Comment feature by clicking "Add Comment" and your question will be answered by the advertiser

    - You can also use the Chat feature, which allows you to inquire extensively about goods and prices with the possibility of sending a voice message, pictures, and video.

    - You can also contact directly with the owner of the advertisement by clicking the call button shown in the advertisement

  • Uploads images to your ad must be (GIF, JPG, PNG).

    you should also make sure to check the images added to your ads so that it is deleted some images from the content team if not matching from the site policy.


    Images that are deleted because they do not match the site policy are:

    1. Pictures containing phone numbers.

    2. Pictures containing company logo.

    3. Non-matching images of Islamic law (pictures remarkable girls).