Posting an Ad on OpenSooq

  • First: Access your account by clicking the "Sign in" button at the top of the page

    Second: After logging in, click the "Add New Ad" button.

    Third: Select the main section and then the subsection that represents your ad

    Fourth: Choose your city or your nearest city

    Fifth: You will see the ad extension form, fill out the ad information (advertisement subject, place, details and upload a picture if possible) and click on the button "Save and Publish Ad"

    Access to the page referred to below has successfully completed the process.

  • Yes, you can post free ads to your account with additional paid services such as premium membership that allows you to add more effective ads to your account for a nominal fee.


    For more information, please click on the following link:

  • You can add a number of free ads to your account, and the number of ads in sections on the site is determined by the following countries:

    • Jordan: 7 Free Ads
    • Saudi Arabia: 10 Free Ads
    • Kuwait: 10 Free Ads
    • Qatar: 10 Free Ads
    • Bahrain: 10 Free Ads
    • Lebanon: 10 Free Ads
    • Morocco: 10 Free Ads
    • Tunisia: 10 Free Ads
    • Iraq: 15 Free Ads
    • UAE: 15 Free Ads
    • Oman: 10 Free Ads
    • Egypt: 15 Free Ads
    • Libya: 10 Free Ads
    • Yemen: 15 Free Ads
    • Palestine: 15 Free Ads
    • Syria: 15 Free Ads
    • Sudan: 15 Free Ads
    • Mauritania: 15 Free Ads
    • Algeria: 15 Free Ads
  • Pending ads are ads that are reviewed by the content control team, to ensure that they do not violate the site's terms of use and that the ad is approved within a short period of time. And will be published on the site successfully when activated.

  • Ads on the site are divided into two sections: ads that are published directly when they are added, and other ads that enter the pending list as they are reviewed by the content moderator department and approved as soon as possible if they comply with the site's terms of use


    Note: Directly published ads may not be compliant with our Terms of Use and will be deleted by the Content moderator department when reviewing effective ads added to the site.

  • You can set your location when you post your ad in the "Real estate section only" so you can locate the property on the site after selecting a city and then you'll see "Select property on the map" and then click on save and post your ad.