How can I pay through zain cash?

You can subscribe to any service on OpenSooq and pay through Zain Cash in Iraq only.

- Paying and subscription steps:
First: pay via ZainCash app:
1. Go to ZainCash App and choose e-goods.
2. Choose OpenSooq.
3. Choose the category.
4. Press send.
5. Enter your password.
6. Press confirm.
7. You will receive a message containing voucher details.

Second: subscription on OpenSooq:
1. Login to your OpenSooq account, Go to My Wallet.

2. Click on Redeem.

3. Enter Voucher Code and press Redeem button, You will get credits in your wallet.

4. Choose any OpenSooq product and select wallet as a payment option to use the credit.

* You can purchase OpenSooq services through agents in Iraq: