Tips for posting ads

Depending on the product or service you own, select the appropriate category and subcategory, and you may have different options. Follow these instructions:

- Write a related title and description: You can help buyers find your ads quickly by adding a clear, complete and short title that describes the advertised goods or services without giving details, keeping them fully in the Description field to prompt users to open your ad and get Views are particularly high with images, with an emphasis that the ad contains one item or service. Details must include information such as: brand name, product name, size or specifications.


- Make sure to mention all the details of the advertised item: For some categories, there are options for specification of the item, for example, the option (condition of the item). Providing additional details in the description field makes it easier for the buyer to find your good/service on Opensooq quickly.


- Add your ad to the relevant category/subcategory: Choosing the right relevant category/subcategory makes it easier for buyers to find and communicate with your ad, and this protects your ads from any reporting process and therefore removes them from the list.


- Add images to your ads: Adding clear, high-quality images from multiple sides of your item enables you to get higher views and sell them faster. Make sure these images do not contain a phone number, believing that this will increase viewership, and to avoid receiving annoying calls.


- Add a reasonable price: A logical price helps you get the price you want, as well as getting higher views and calls from more potential buyers to sell your item faster.


- marketing Your product: Premium ads increase your chances of selling faster compared to regular ads because they clearly show your ad among other ads, with 10X views approximately and a faster sale.