Listing Content Guidelines


There are guidelines for the content of listings added to the site, please follow these key points:


- The main listing contents are the title, listing description, price, and image. 

- The title should be short, clear and does not contain price or phone number, for example, Hyundai Accent 2017, Apartment for sale 150m in University Street.

- The description of the listing must be clear and comprehensive for all details of the product or service provided and must be for one product and not different products in one listing.

- It prevents adding links to external sites, such as Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media networks.

- Add the real price of the product or service provided and not to enter a fake price or any other value, or leave an empty box price in case there isn’t a certain price.

- Add pictures of the product that do not violate the terms of use, such as indecent, containing a phone number, details that are excited within the description of the listing, contain a trademark to another site or a specific company.