Posting Ads

You can post your ads on Opensooq to sell anything you want or to present any service and get benefits in a short time and less effort, but we have terms of use that you should follow

To be able to use the website and Sell/Buy items.


In case of any violation of one of these conditions, Opensooq site may delete the ads or deactivate the membership in case of exceeding some policies, according to the policy of the agreement that you agreed upon when you register your account on the site.


All ads should be Compatible with our terms of use as the following:

1- You have a specific number of free ads in every section, when used you will be charged to add more ads under the same terms of use you already agreed on when you start to use the site, and we have the right to edit/delete the ads, and deactivate the membership in case those ads were against Opensooq policy and terms of use.


2- In case we noticed that the ads contain any violation of our terms of use and policy,

Opensooq have the right to edit and correct the ads or delete it in some cases.


3- You have the right to display one product, item and one service in each ad, posting

Multiple elements in the same ad are not allowed.


4- Posting duplicate ads are not allowed on the website, only one (1) unique ad for each product is allowed, you can post the same ad again in certain cases, after the expiration date

And if you delete it, or if it was deleted through Opensooq.


 5. The section with the advertisement. Ads must be placed in the correct main section and sub-sections. If your ad falls under more than one section, you must select the best section or branch to publish your ad.


 6. We have the right to deactivate any ad that is no longer valid (such as sold items).


 7. Violation of intellectual property rights. You may not advertise any product or service that infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party. Includes

Fake products, including counterfeit copies or unauthorized copies.


 8. Misinformation / False Information. It is strictly prohibited to provide misleading or misleading information in advertising such as incorrect or inaccurate pricing or terms and conditions.


 9. Product registration and authorization. We may apply for commercial registration in case of advertisements for female employees or advertisements for tourism companies (providing and submitting visas) or advertisements that provide unclear services. To achieve the credibility of the site and to maintain the interest of subscribers. 


You can review the terms of use and the policy of the site, through the following link: