What are the policies in posting ads?

All ads you post must comply with our policies and guidelines, and if one of these terms is exceeded, your post will be rejected.

- Alcohol, liquor, tobacco products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, liqueurs, medicines, and analgesics, or even the establishment of links, whether direct or indirect, of articles, products or services prohibited by law


- Human or natural human organs including blood and body fluids as well.


- Prostitution or any other services, including violating the provisions of the law immoral or improper representation of women, which would violate the contemporary standards of ethics and ethics in Arab societies.


- Religious materials, including books, antiques, etc., or any information or description of any of these materials that affect the religious feelings of any person or group.


- Sexual tools and inspirations (including the implication of slavery and idols), genital mutilation, and so forth.

- The prohibited effects or treasures are traded under any applicable law.

- Information and material indicating libel, defamation, threat or even abuse.

- False information about the nature or manner of using the products and services.

- Counterfeit or stolen goods or illegal and authorized services.

- Goods, materials, and services that infringe the rights and intellectual property of any third party, or even the privacy of any person.

- Transferring electronic computer viruses or any program that would hack and destroy computer systems and withdraw personal data.


- Your information should not contain any content that is offensive to users and/or animals.

- Hazardous chemicals and pesticides.

- Fireworks, explosives, improvised explosive devices and other dangerous and burning materials.

- Personal documents, financial records and any personal information including mailing lists.

- Lottery tickets, horseback betting and slot machines.

- Police and military equipment, including uniforms, uniforms, coats, weapons, and other items that prevent circulation.


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