Violations of site laws

There are specific policies and conditions for using the site. If these conditions are violated, appropriate action will be taken by the Content Monitoring Section:

 1. Publish duplicate ads and more than membership

 Publish multiple duplicate / similar ads with the intent to fill in certain categories of site and search results.


 2. Copy the ads of other members.

Copy any / all of the other member's ad details and use them for their ads.


 3.  Multiple accounts

Members who create more than one account (1), in order to add the same ad group repeatedly to all accounts.


 4. General marketing advertising

Post an ad promoting two or more unrelated products/products in your headline, photos, and descriptive areas.


 5. Identity Theft

Create a member account by using someone else's personal information and phone numbers for the purpose of disturbing them or to obtain physical and intangible objects from others for their own benefit.


 6. Use of tags/keywords

Use repeated and unlinked keywords in ad details.


 7. Misinformation in advertising

This violation includes, but is not limited to, incorrect pricing, incorrect status, and non-advertising images, including thumbnails.


 8. Unwanted chats

Send unsolicited chats to registered members by promoting or offering products, services, and companies.

Chats that may be considered abusive or indirect, such as threats, as well as inappropriate and degrading language.


 9. Fraud and illegal advertising

Ads published for fraud/scam other registered members.


 10. Stealing photos

Use images from other ads in their published ads.


 11. Wrong section ads

Ads published in sections that are incorrect or irrelevant other than where they should be posted.


 12. Publish the mobile number in the ad title and image

Mobile numbers are not allowed in the ad title and image.