What are the rules and guidelines?


The OpenSooq aims to be a safe place for all groups of society. In order to benefit from both parties (seller and buyer), we wish everyone to comply with our rules and follow our guidelines.


As the OpenSooq is an online market that offers its services to interested customers, you should inquire about any item or service, in full coordination with the advertising owner only. So you can send a chat to the ad owner, add a comment, or contact the advertiser directly through the contact details available in the ad posted to any potential purchase

The OpenSooq aims to create a "self-managed" society in which members manage their advertising, sales and purchase directly, making it easier for the subscriber to sell a commodity and offer its services with minimal effort.

In this way, members manage the community and administrators. Any member is encouraged to report anything that is believed to be in violation of these rules and policies


When you use the OpenSooq, you need to register an account in order to complete your buying and selling transactions with advertisers successfully. You also do not need an OpenSooq site to register an account if you want to browse ads only.

However, upon accessing our website, using our services or subscribing to a membership, you agree to comply with all our rules and policies (including any edit and additions), which you agree to and understand when registering your membership.