I forgot my password. How can I login?

If you forget the password for your account registered on the site, you can restore the password by following simple steps:


Please know that the process of password reset is by clicking on the "Forgot your Password" button when trying to log in, and the site will take you to a page asking you to enter phone number.


You can reset password through Website or Mobile Site by using SMS code:

 you may enter your personal number and wait for a message from the site activation number, enter the received number in its field and will take you to a new page to enter your new password.


and you can reset password through Mobile Apps by using WhatsApp or Camera

To reset password to access your account, follow the following steps:

1. On the account login page, select the "Create an account / login button".
2. On the next page, enter your phone number used to create your account.
3. On the password page, select the "Forgot your password?"
4. Verify the phone number and click on the "Send Password" or "Next" button.
5. Choose a method to retrieve the password that suits you using (WhatsApp or Camera)

Complete the steps and then log into your account with the phone number and the new password.


In case this article was not helpful or you didn't find your answer, you can contact customer service through WhatsApp


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