What will I do if my ad deleted to make edits?

Some ads that need to be edited in the ad details are disapproved because the ad does not meet one of the terms of the usage policy, so you can make the necessary adjustments to the ad in order to be successfully re-activated.


Here are some examples where you need to edit your ad so you can activate it again:

1. General marketing ads (so you can add separate ads for each item you want to sell, and write all the information about them in the ad details, so you can successfully add your posts on the site.)

2. Lack of sufficient details (so you have to add more details in your ad details to be able to activate it on the site).

3. Missing pictures in your ad (you must add images to the advertisement, especially ads for clothes and animals to re-activate your ad).

4. Post ads from outside the country (you must add a local and verified phone number to activate the advertisement).

5. Add an unreasonable price to the item (you need to adjust the price of your product).

6. Submit ad-specific evidence to activate the advertisements successfully after being reviewed by OpenSooq moderator.

7. You can edit and re-publish your ad if it is deleted by the advertiser itself.

8. You can edit and re-publish your ad if it is deleted at the request of the advertiser.

9. Suspicion of the owner of the advertisement.

10. Add wrong information that has nothing to do with the products or services offered.

11. Use the words "Tag / Keyword" which is added at the bottom of the ad details (in this case ad must be modified and remove tag).