Premium Membership

Premium membership is a service if you exceed the limit for effective advertising, so you have exhausted all ads allowed to the free account, Category or sub category. 

To add more ads, you can subscribe to Memberships to raise your maximum number of active ads.


So that there are two types of premium membership:

1. Premium Silver Membership, allowing you to increase the number of effective ads added to your account as much as possible.

2. Gold Premium Membership, allows you to increase the number of more effective ads added than the Silver Premium membership.


Note: Premium membership allows you to increase the number of effective ads that can be added to an account, meaning ads will not be unique if you subscribe to one of these memberships


Terms of Use of Premium Membership:

Each member is allowed to use only one free or paid membership and no more than one membership is allowed (even if membership is unique).


If you post ads that do not comply with the terms of use of the site, you will be sent a message directing you to modify your infringing ads, or not to publish again to avoid disabling the membership (in case of violation of the terms of use of the site open market to disable your membership, even if distinctive).

You agree to follow all laws and conditions. You must respect the rights of all users and you must not use our services to violate any law or harm others.